How to Give a Happy Ending Massage like the Pros

There is no better gift than a “happy ending” massage to a man or woman. However, a happy ending massage is not a “hit and run” affair that you can hurriedly fix and succeed in. To give a Happy Ending massage you need to have skills and a basic level of knowledge on massage therapy.
Here some useful tips on how to give a Happy Ending massage. Before jumping into giving a happy ending massage, take note of the following items.


In order to realize a fulfilling massage, it is not only important but a must to set the mood and create a relaxing environment. This will make the massage session fun and make the client react to stimulation easily and adjust to arousal positively and naturally in less time than it would take without the proper preparation.
To set the mood, use dim lighting and aromatherapy oils to induce a nice aroma. However, a strongly scented perfume can do the trick as well. Burning incense also works well too. Do not get into the habit of using any random slippery oil for massage, to make a Happy Ending massage attainable use grape-seed oil or industry standard gels like the renowned Nuru Gel.

w800-13How to Massage

Massaging is not only about touching the client’s body with hands soaked in gel or warm oil. It takes more than touching to excite and arouse the body to a height of a strong orgasmic release. To effectively bring the human body to a heightened arousal and eventual orgasm, you need to take the massaging gradually and massage each body part slowly one after another. Start with a gentle touché with the edges of your fingertips and let them move over his skin like a stream of ants chasing down some prey back and forth.

ghfghfLobster Claws technique

Next, use the Lobster Claws technique. This involves folding your thumb and the index finger into a sharp-pointed fingertip, which resembles a lobster claw. Apply the “claw” firmly upon the muscles of the client’s body over his or her oiled body gently and slip all over his body repetitively.

u4iakddbjjyKnuckles technique

Follow the lobster technique with the knuckles technique.
This technique involves the use of your knuckles to deepen the firmness of your sliding movement over his muscles to reach deeper tissue. To make the most out of this technique, start


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