Japanese Nuru Massage Unexpected Health Benefits

Nuru massage is a therapeutic experience that comes with distinct engagement resulting in wellness and overall vitality. If you are new to Nuru Massage, it is going to be an exciting discovery of its therapeutic effects and unexpected health benefits. Although, it was originally designed as a sexually stimulating therapy it is not only the pleasure-giving aspect of it that is beneficial.

Here are the top 4 unexpected health benefits of Nuru Massage

b664a6522a85e5fbcf52fc4e8125f0c21. Stress relief

Nuru massage does not only release feelings of pleasure, but also eases the building of tension in your body muscles. This leads to a great relaxation of body tissues and improved mental well-being since exhaustion and stress come from the tension held in body muscles.

7772. Skin hydration

Nuru massage therapy techniques are professional and a standard procedure that not only relaxes the body muscles, but also improves your skin tone. Nuru massage is performed by use of a special gel, the “Nuru gel” which acts as a moisturizer on your skin. The Nuru gel is actually a natural plant extract that is slippery and gentle on your skin. It renders your skin brighter and supple by the time you are done with your therapy session.

ftsosug5l883. It releases toxins

Unlike most forms of massage, Nuru massage and its deep-tissue technique activates the body’s lymphatic system to help in the release of toxins in the body. However, it works better if you drink plenty of water.

fg0tjlplvx44. Improved sensitivity to sensual touching

Regardless of gender, Nuru Massage has the benefit of opening you to higher sensitivity and a better desire of sexual exploration.


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