Things Your Erotic Masseuse Doesn’t Want You to Know

Just like in any other line of work, there are stress factors and dislikes or annoyances of some kind. As for erotic massage, it is no exception and there a fair number of things that the masseuses have to put up with. Well, they do not actually want you to know. Whenever you lie down on the massage table for an erotic massage, be sure that your erotic masseuse has all manner of thoughts criss-crossing her mind. And she has nothing to do but tolerate them.

1561_imgdca0a4a41479f9cfec8077f16c0a6b17They skip some body parts on purpose

Although an erotic massage is meant to be a full-body massage sometimes masseuses will skip some body parts on purpose. Some of the areas they may skip are mainly un-noticed skin rashes or a swell. Generally, any body part that is unhygienic or disgusting to touch is a no-go zone. Although, they work around to give as much full body contact as possible they think it is unfair for you expect the parts of your skin with skin rashes to be massaged. It makes them go “Yikes!”

26874_img5587423116c3c20fcf976adf1c2a13eaYou are boring if you talk too much

A lot of clients who solicit erotic massages feel the need to talk and undone the characteristic silence of massage parlors. Some clients want to talk about the baggage such as work-related stress ad their social life. This does not sit well with masseuses. They think you are a bore and distracting them from their work. They would much prefer silence than listen to your issues because it distracts them from their work.

You are a narcissist

Some people mostly visit massage spas especially while on vacation in some hotel. The convenience of being in vacation makes it common to spend the great part of their days drunk. However, it is hard to get a great massage when drunk. In fact, you are like some dead meat on the massage table. If you go an erotic massage drunk, the masseuse will be thinking you are a narcissist and give you a substandard service so you can leave sooner.

15912_img72b941531c83db2b75d6b447b7a2f724Why the hell are you wearing underwear?

If you feel weird lying completely on a massage table, then you should know masseuses think you are a prude. I mean you are a here for an erotic massage. What do you need underwear for?


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