What types of sexual massages are the best?

Massages are meant to stimulate the body and create a new sense of awareness. Anyone who receives a massage stands the chance of reaping the accompanying benefits of massage therapy. Apart from traditional massage therapies, there are sensual massage therapies better known as sexual massages. The two most popular forms of sexual massages include Nuru Massage and Tantra massage.

1459868368_nastol-com_-ua-55538Tantra Massage

Tantra massage is synonymous with sensual massage and it involves the stimulation of the entire body. The masseuse focuses not only on firm grips upon your body, but also employs soft and soothing caresses to give you an intimate sensation. The massage is highly focused on the erogenous parts of the body including the earlobes, inner thighs and the genitals to pace breathing and build sexual stimulation for an intense orgasmic release.
A tantra massage builds on the principle of the body’s energy points which hold the link to the source of sexual energy and work on them to release and spread it throughout the body. It is a great way to take charge of your sexuality and get to a heighten sense of awareness.

w800Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is an ancient form of erotic massage that originated from Japan. It is also known as slippery massage since it involves the use of a slippery gel to tender the body. Nuru massage uses the Nuru Gel and the masseuse practically uses her body, the bottom, thighs, breast, stomach and hands to give the client a body rub. The body rub is done in slippery fluid motions in different position to give the client’s body an erotic charge. Nuru massage is really intense and it is one of the nicest Happy Ending massages you can ever get. It is not only good for sexual stimulation and release, but also comes with many other health benefits.


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